Sustainable Gardens

Sustainable gardens have a great impact on peoples lives and encourage them to live "greener" lifestyles thus ultimately reducing their carbon footprint and having a great affect on their local environment.

Sustainable Gardens    

Sustainable Gardens


 "Having an impact on your local environment"



Creating an eco-friendly and sustainable Garden

Using reclaimed materials such as old railyway sleepers is a good place to start when thinking about how you are going to create your eco-friendly garden. They can also add an authentic and rustic look to your garden, giving your outdoor space more character. Reclaimed materials tend to have a much lower impact on the environment than todays modern materials. Another thing to think about using is recycled materials such as compost.


Growing Shrubs

When growing shrubs or new plants it is a good idea to think about trying you make your own homemade compost rather than buying man-made alternatives. This is because there are a lot of chemicals used in the production of these that have a negative effect on the environment.



Renewable Energy

It is always a good idea to think about using renewable energy sources to power garden features such as water fountains. Using these renewable energy sources such as Hydroelectricity power will turn your garden into a neutral development.




Once you have created your eco-friendly garden it is just as important to maintain it with the same eco-friendly attitude. For example, using manual grass cutters for lawn cutting rather than an electric or petrol lawn mower will reduce your carbon footprint.



Eco-Friendly Customers

Many people who have been successful in creating an eco-friendly garden feel an immense sense of pride knowing that their garden is reducing carbon emissions and improving the environment. They also go on to inspire people to live "greener" lifestyles.


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