Roof Gardens

Green roof gardens can benefit our urban environments a considerable amount. They have lots of environmental benefits as well as providing urban areas a place to grow plants and possibly even food. They are also cost efficient, saving you money on fuel, waterproofing and drainage costs.

Roof Gardens    

Green Roof Gardens

 "Creating a greener urban environments"




Environmental Benefits

Green roofs reduce cooling on buildings as they act as a passive solar heat resovoir. The effect of evaporation and evapotranspiration acts to cool the air and provides a cooler surface at roof level and thus people needing less air conditioning in hot weather. If there were a concentration of houses in an urban area we could essentially combat climate change. Green roofs are recognized to have a positive effect on reducing what is known as the Urban Heat Island. In dense Urban Environments there is often lack of green spaces for residents to use and enjoy. Roof gardens and even roof top parks can improve the quality of life for all surrounding residents. Other advantages include the reduction of the level of surface water run off volumes and rates the rainfall leaves roofs. They help reduce flash floods as a consequence of intense rainfall.



Urban Agriculture

Roof gardens are ideal for growing plants and your own food especially in urban areas where green space lacks. However, flat roofs do need to be tested to see if they are strong enough to hold food growing.



Cost Efficiency

As green roofs have a great ability to cool buildings down during summer and insulate them during winter, research has been done that green roofs can save you approximately 2 litres of fuel/ oil a year thus reducing your heating costs. They also protect the waterproofing roof membrane from UV light and other climatic extremes, almost doubling its life expectancy. Therefore saving you the money on re-waterproofing. Another cost effective reason for green roof gardens is that they can reduce the overall drainage cost on your property.


An example of an urban green roof garden we have installed is Chavasse Park in Liverpool One. This garden was built on top of a multi story car park.



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