What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the process of living in dignity and harmony with the world nature. Giving back what we take for resources. There are many different ways we can live a sustainable life whether it be as an individual or as a business.

What is Sustainability?    


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What is Sustainability?

The word sustainability is used to describe the many different approaches towards how we improve our way of life. It is a means of living life in dignity and harmony with nature. This may mean looking at how to renew resources that we take from nature at an equal or greater rate as to which they are consumed.


Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is when an individual lives a lifestyle attempting to reduce their use of the earths resources, for example, reducing their carbon footprint by changing methods of transport. Part of sustainable living can include the construction of sustainable homes. These are built using natural materials that facilitate green practices and have neutral impacts on the Earth.


Sustainable Business

A sustainable business is a company or organization that takes part in green or environmentally friendly activities. It is an enterprise that has no negative impact on the local or global environment and supplies environmentally friendly products or services. Here at Abel Landscaping we re-cycle all of our top soil and often use low carbon footprint paving products such as the natural ethically sourced Marshalls Fairstone Range.


Marshalls Sustainable Production

Marshalls strive to make our world a better place, one stone, patio, pavement, town square or car park at a time. They are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their activities, managing their operations in a sustainable way and seeking innovation in their use of energy and materials. For more information about Marshalls Sustainability please visit the menu on the left.



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