Remote Control by Text Message

Turn your lights on from anywhere in the world via text message. This easy to use system allows you to control all of your indoor and outdoor electrical equipment by texting the system simple commands such as "turn lights on".

Remote Control by Text Message    

Mobile Text Control - Remote Control by Text Message


"Making homes across the UK more secure"



What is the Mobile Text Control System?


It is a station that allows you to have full control over the your home from anywhere in the world. It adds a new dimension to your daily living. Using a simple SMS text message you can control your lights, water features, electric gates, garage doors and also indoor electrical equipment as you would with a remote control. You can even use this system to turn your heating on so your home is warm when you arrive or control your lights to come on and off while your away on holiday for added security.




What are the advantages of Mobile Text Control?


⇒ No wiring 

⇒ Turn on any light including indoor - outdoor lighting

⇒ Dim your lighting

⇒ Pre-set lighting moods 

⇒ Turn on your water-feature

⇒ Open / shut your garage doors

⇒ Remote Heating Control

⇒ Programming allows you to automatically set lights to go on or off at pre-set or random times.

⇒ Turn on appliances or lights, in awkward to reach sockets, such as those behind furniture.

⇒ Use Mobile Phone