Date: 19/02/2016 To: 19/02/2016

 Landscaping Garden Makeover



This garden has a issue with Flooding because of the poor drainage!



What causes garden drainage problems? 


- One of the reasons for soggy lawns and a waterlogged garden is compacted soil combined with the mixing of sub-soil and topsoil when the house was built.


- Most drainage problems it's more likely the house and garden have been built on clay (the surface cracks up when its dry)


- The garden is lower than neighbouring gardens or at the bottom of a hill.

- Structures like swimming pools, extensions, you or neighbours have added can all cause gardens to flood. Anything with deep footings can divert water.

- On clay and other water retentive soils, the flow of water through the soil is very slow, this can be made worse by dips in the surface allowing water to puddle and during heavy rain the, garden to flood.


To solve this problem we are going to install a lineal drainage system connecting into a land drain pipe which then will join into another slot lineal drainage system the whole drainage system will be connected into a soakaway.  


Prepare the topsoil spread & level topsoil to a finished approx. 3 inches minimum compacted depth. We will than laying the lawn to complete this project.




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