Outdoor Lighting Liverpool

We install all types of outdoor lighting in Liverpool Merseyside. Including garden lighting, patio lighting, driveway lighting and security lighting. Making your outdoor living spaces fantastically versatile come day or night.

Outdoor Lighting Liverpool    

Outdoor Lighting Liverpool


"Bring fantastically versatile living space into the heart of your garden"



Garden Lighting

Our garden lighting services include the installation of decking lights, Spike spotlights & floodlights, Wall & hanging down-lights, Garden Step lights and Pond and underwater lights. We can light up your whole garden with various different lights, so it has the wow factor even at night. This also allows you to entertain your guests easily at night.


Patio Lighting

When the sun's gone down and chilled Chablis is ready for pouring, bring on the moonlight and mood with chic, classy patio lighting. Bring fantastically versatile living space into the heart of your garden with a splash of colour with the ground-breaking Marshalls Livinglites and see your world light up from the sensational Colorbeam palette. LED linear lights flood surface areas with a staggering 16 million colour variations where you can set your own tone. Make it subtle on sultry nights, red hot vibrant to get in the groove and warm fire-shade friendly to brighten-up bleak winter.


Driveway Lighting

We offer many different driveway lighting services including the installation of LED lighting into block paving, Wall & hanging down-lights, Step Lights and border lights all adding extra curb appeal to your property. Curb appeal is a saying that estate agents invented to show that your home does not only need to look good inside but on the outside too, your home needs to look good from the curb or the pavement.



Security Lighting

Security lighting is often used to aid the detection of intruders, to deter intruders, or in some cases simply to increase the feeling of safety. We install many different types of security lighting including floodlights, spotlights and sensors.


Mobile Text Control - Remote Control by Text Message

We have created a new innovative way of turning on garden lighting and indoor lighting features through our mobile text control. You can be anywhere in the world and send a text message to your house to turn on a garden or driveway appliance. This is a great way to keep your home secure while you are away.