Sustainable Gardens

"Bringing enjoyment, life and happiness to your garden"




Most people think that maintaining a sustainable garden is too time consuming and often a headache. However our research has found that more and more people are turning towards sustainable living. Rather than looking at keeping a sustainable garden a chore, they have rather highlighted the benefits of this type of living such as: 



⇒ It can bring light into your life and gives you a sense of achievement

⇒ It is a form of free exercise

⇒ You can grow any kind of flower or even vegetable

⇒ It is a great lifetime project and hobby

⇒ You can enjoy your own produce with your friends and family

⇒ You become self sufficient by no longer relying on local supermarkets



Health benefits

Sustainable urban gardening can also be important for your health, the environment and the entire economy. This is due to the reduction of tremendous amounts of fertilizer being used that are required in larger scale agricultural farming. Local grown food does not need long-distance transportation, thus reducing carbon emissions. A network of urban farming systems will also help to ensure self sufficiency and larger regional food distribution.


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