This year we decided to take part in the RHS show based in Tatton Park.


We were first approached by Sally Parkinson - a landscape designer who wished to install a charity garden to raise awareness of respiratory diseases in the Northwest.


This design is called 'A breath of fresh air' and  uses low-allergen plants that can be enjoyed by all types of people, especially those with respiratory conditions or allergies. It has a spherical theme representing bubbles of air running through the garden.


As this is a charity garden all of our work was for free and we also got Marshal Plc involved, sponsoring us with materials for the project.



This project won a Bronze award.



We were then asked by Marshalls to help on another project 'Grasses with Grace'  designed by Sue Beeseley at Bluebell cottage gardens.  The design highligts some of the fineast most graceful grasses. Some of out work included installing a marshalls cobblestone path running through the garden joining the two sides of the garden together





This project won a gold award!