Rock Salt

Its that time of year where the snow is falling and the ice is thickening! Well we have a solution to stop you from falling over and that is rock salt! Rock salt lowers the freezing point of water and has historically been used to salt icy roads in winter to melt the ice away. This means that you will have a slip free patio, path and driveway this snowy winter!


What is Rock Salt?

Rocksalt is the mineral form of sodium chloride which is also referred to as "halite" and  forms in very large chunky crystals. It has an assortment of trace minerals which can have an impact on how it behaves chemically.  


Where to Buy Rock salt?

Our trade arm company Paving Online sells bulk bags of rocksalt and winter grit 25kg bags. We currently have many Christmas offers on our Marshalls Paving and Block Paving so please visit our website at: