Natural Stone Paving Liverpool

We are natural stone paving installers in Liverpool. Natural stone is value for money, ethically sourced, durable and long lasting.

Natural Stone Paving Liverpool    

Natural Stone Paving Liverpool


"Natural Stone Paving never looses it's colour"


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Value for Money         

The natural beauty and gentle colour variation of genuine natural stone gives a timeless appeal that blends with any home. Natural stone paving has enduring quality and, like vintage wine gets better with age. So, why not enhance your patio or driveway and increase the value of your property?


Advantages of Natural Stone

One of the wonderful advantages of installing natural stone on a patio or path, is that whenever you clean it using a pressure washer,  it never looses it's colour and it will be always look like new!


Ethically Sourced Natural Stone 

All of our natural stone is supplied only by proven ethical and sustainable sources - no child labour is involved!


Natural Stone Products

There are many natural stone paving products available for your patio installation from high-end Marshalls Fairstone paving to standard natural stone paving flags.


Pointing Solutions

We use two different types of pointing mortar that we allow our customers to choose from. This is because they both are as equally as good but applied differently.


Pointing Solution One:  This is a gun injected ensuring the joints are fully filled with a mortar which solidifies at least twice as hard as normal mortar. Our specialist pointing mortar comes in various colours to match your choice of paving.


Pointing Solution Two: Released this year (2011) and is a new innovative pointing solution that can be brushed in to joints in any type of weather. It sets rock solid and leaves a beautiful pointed joint with no mess!


Natural Stone Paving Installers in Liverpool 

We are professional natural stone paving installers in Liverpool. With our vast knowledge and decades of installing patios we can offer you complete quality assurance. All of our natural stone patios are finished to a high standard leaving you with a fantastic outdoor space.