Summer Houses & Gazebos

Timber summer houses and gazebos create a great entertaining space whether the sun is shining or the rain is out. They both provide adequate shelter from both extremes and allow you to enjoy your garden all year round.

Summer Houses & Gazebos    

Timber Summer Houses & Gazebos



We supply and install all kinds of summer houses, including gazebos. These constructions look great next to any pond or waterfall installation and provide a great sheltered entertaining space for your guests whether it is in the boiling hot sunshine or the freezing cold rain. Both constructions provide shelter from both extreme weather conditions and still allow you to enjoy your garden all year round.



Special Construction Teams


We have a specialist team of men who construct all of our timber gazebos and summer houses. So, if you are looking for a particular design we can cater for your every need. Just speak to one of our design teams and your feature will be created to your specification. 








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