Southport Flower Show 2008

"Liverpool success Story" - designed by Arthur Ange & Constructed by Abel Landscapes


This year the theme for Southport Flower show was "Liverpool" due to Liverpool being the capital of culture this year. Therefore we decided to call our garden "The Liverpool Success Story".


Wildlife Pond

The small wild life pond was designed in the shapes of a human Liver and with it being water this represented the pool. Liverpool first derived its name because the first people who settled here settled by a pool which came off the river Mersey.


Circular Patio

For the middle part of the name, we designed and constructed a circle feature out of Marshalls Eclipse Granite in the shape of a Football; this represents the success that football has brought to the City of Liverpool.



For the last part of the name we designed and constructed a flower book which tells the story about the success of Liverpool.


This Garden was awarded a Silver Medal and Durmuid Gavin really loved our Unique design of the 3D Football circle feature



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