Abel Landscapes Show Garden


This show garden is only open to potential customers who are seeking advice and ideas for their own garden make over!


This garden was designed and constructed by Darren  Moss the Managing director of Abel Landscapes. The design was originally created by the products we had left over from a show garden we created at the Southport flower show 2006, which consisted of a circle feature made with natural sand stone paving.


The Show Garden

This garden was like a jungle to start with, so we had to undertake a major garden clearance. We have fixed the fencing and split the garden into two sections dividing them with trellis.


The Front Section

The front section of the garden consists of a circular lawn with a natural cobble path going all around it leading under an arbour separating the two gardens. Between the path and the lawn we have created a small boxed plant area. There a two circle features either side of the circle lawn. The planting borders go all around the path and they are retained with a small raised cobble.


The Lower Garden

The lower garden has a large Koi pond with a large water fall and reed bed which is all raised up and retained with telegraph poles and decorative natural stone brick. On the other side of the pond there is a gazeebo which we have made using decking and a deck area which over sails the water with a bridge leading to it. The rear of the garden is still undeveloped and our plans are to install a log cabin at a later date.





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