Autumn Plants


 "Autumn flowers for those who love their garden all year round"




What autumn flowers are the available to choose from?


Here are just some of the autumn flowers that you can choose from:


The Coneflower (Echinacea) is a pink / purple bloom and grows to around 2 feet tall.


Forget-me-nots (myosotis sylvatica) is famous for its name. it has tiny blue flowers and loves shaded gardens.


Salvia Leucantha is a beautiful purple spiky flower. It grows between 3-4ft tall and 4-6ft wide.


Hardy Fuchsia is a pendent flower with red / dark purple leaves. It likes sun and partial shade.


The Watsonia pillansii is an orange / red colour that grows tall. It loves the sun but needs well-drained but moist soil.


The  Patula "Honeycomb" had lots of double flowers that are dark red petals edged in bright glowing orange.


The Streptocarpus (Crystal Ice) loves to planted in pots. Infact, pots seem to encourage growth of this beautiful plant. it has white flowers with purpley-blue shaded veins through the petal down to the stem.