The right type of plants can transform the look of any garden. Our plant specialist Dr Plantz, will advise you on the right type of plants to be used on your type of project. You can discuss with him whether you want very low maintenance plants or whether your willing to look after them all year round.




Dr.Plantz - Our Specialist Plant Advisor

We have an experienced planter who specialises in choosing the correct plants for each of our projects; known as "Dr. Plantz". When your project in underway and it is time for you to choose your plants, Dr Plantz will come out and talk to you about what colours you would like to use, where each plant should be placed and how you should look after each plant. This is vital as we don't want you to invest your money in plants that will die a few days later due to positioning.



Things to think about when choosing your plants

When choosing your plants you need to ask yourself the following questions:

⇒ Can the plant survive in dry conditions?
⇒ Can it survive in overly wet conditions?
⇒ Can it survive in cold conditions?
⇒ What is the mature size of the plant?
⇒ Will it over-grow and kill other plants?

These are just some of the questions that Dr.Plantz will discuss with you when helping you to choose the right plants for your garden.



Transforming your garden with plants

Suitable planting can transform any garden. In the gallery above you will find samples of plants we have used in some of our projects which should give you some ideas and inspiration for your garden.