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"Creating Privacy with Decorative Fencing"


There are many different types and styles of fencing for you to choose from. The fence you choose depends on the purpose you want if for and also the design of your garden.



Fencing Styles 

Here are just some of the styles of fencing you can choose from: 


Trellis Fencing:  This style of fencing is usually used to screen off an area of your garden. It is open screen fencing and is one of the most decorative type of fencing available. We install a lot of the European trellises.


Close-board Fencing: This type of fencing is ideal if you are looking for complete privacy. It is one of the strongest and heaviest fencing panels available and is ideal for perimeter fencing.


Picket Fencing:  Also known as palisade fencing. This type of fencing is generally used for decorative purposes; however even though they still give visibility to your property they still offer some security. Each panel can be made to out of concrete or wood posts.


Concrete Fencing: Although this type of fencing is not always attractive, it does offer high security and privacy to you property.




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