Electric Gates Liverpool

Electric Gate installers Liverpool, Merseyside. Our electrician can install all types of driveway and garden gates adding valuable security to your home.

Electric Gates Liverpool    

Electric Gates Liverpool


"Securing Homes across Merseyside, Lancashire & Cheshire"


We can supply and install many different types of electric gates including wrought iron gates, metal Gates and wooden gates. Whatever look you are trying to achieve on your property we can install a fantastic gate to match.


Advantages of electric gates

We believe that the greatest benefit of having an electric gate is the security that it offers to your property. A closed electric gate is a brilliant way to deter anybody who might be a burglar or thief. If you are looking for added extra security then why not buy gates with spikes on the top as this would be another deterrent for burglars. You will also be able to relax during the daytime when your children or pets are playing sage in your garden.


Mobile Text Control - Remote Control by Text Message

We now offer a new service called TXT switch. This is where you can open or close your gates from anywhere in the world, particularly advantageous for those running a business from home. Maybe your partner has forgot their fob, you can simply open the gates for them!