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Planning and drainage

In October 2008 the government brought out a planning regulation for new driveways and front gardens to help prevent flooding. The only hard surface driveway product people can install on their driveway is a (SUDS) sustainable urban drainage system which allows the surface water to soak through the paving into the ground below. Without SUDS people need to apply for planning permission unless they create another type permeable drive or install a drainage system preventing water escaping into the road or street drains. Water can also cause problems to the sub base of a driveway if the surface water does not drain properly.





Land Drains

Land drains are created by excavating a trench to form a "tunnel". 
It is very labour intensive as most of the job is done by hand.
This type of drainage system would need to be installed if 
your garden is prone to flooding. This is because land drains relieve 
the pressure of water build up as rubble is inserted into the trench which allows the water to drain through to some suitable point 
preventing flooding. These types of drainage system are more commonly used in landscaping works.




Linear Drains


Linear Drains a commonly used in driveway installations. The drain runs along the entire length of the driveway and is usually placed at the lowest sloping point, so that any run-off rain water from the house can be drained away.