Concrete Paving Flags

Concrete paving slabs are also known as 'concrete slabs' in the UK. These are popular products for those on a low budget to be used on driveways or patios. They come in 3 common sizes and are usually available in Buff, Grey and Red colours.

Concrete Paving Flags    

Concrete Paving Flags

"Perfect for driveways and patios" 


Why Choose Concrete Paving Flags?

Concrete paving flags are also known as 'slabs' in the Uk. They are flat rectangular blocks of pressed concrete that are usually reasonably priced. The versatile flags can be used on driveways a patios as they they are reliable and durable. However, they are not particularly attractive and are usually chosen for utility spaces or to tidy up a patio or driveway on a budget.


Common Sizes

Common sizes that builders merchants usually have in stock include:



Colours Available

This product is usually available in the following colours:

o Grey
o Buff
o Red