Marshalls Fairstone Magnasett

Marshalls Fairstone Magnasett    

 Marshalls Fairstone Magnasett 


Natural Stone Ethically sourced



Fairstone Magnasett is an impressive paving that can make any driveway installation stand out. Ideal for any scheme looking to make a real statement through individual designs.


Magnasett is available in two exquisite and pre-mixed colour blends; Autumn Gold is a mixture of buff to sand coloured stones with autumnal and earthy tones whilst Silver Dusk is a blend of cool silver greys and charcoal grey.


These specially graded quartzitic Sandstone Setts are from ethical sources and carry the Fairstone mark of ethical assurance for complete peace of mind.


         Large element sett within the Fairstone brand       

         Available in two, pre-blended colour mixes       

         Four sized mixed project pack         

         Contemporary, stylish and modern look










Magnasett Autumn Gold



Magnasett Silver Dusk





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