Artificial lawn Projects Liverpool



Artificial grass has improved beyond all recognition from the early versions of astro turf and other poor quality fake grass, it now comes in many shades and styles and it hard to determine from real grass, being lovely to walk on, friendly with children's and pet, very appealing an ideal for a maintenance free lawn.


 Here at Abel Landscapes, we always believe every job should be completed to the highest of standards, so that is what we do. We will work closely with you to finish your artificial lawn project to your exact requirements.





 Artificial Lawn Care


Artificial lawn care means periodic cleaning, although people who live in dusty areas or those who have young children or pets will probably need to clean more often. Most dust and debris is easily removed with a blower, flexible garden rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a garden hose.


Occasionally, it may be necessary to sweep the grass with a broom to keep it standing upright in a natural fashion, especially if your family enjoys laying on the grass and it becomes compacted.


Artificial lawn grass is stain resistant and most problem areas can be cleaned with soap and water or vinegar and water. A vinegar mixture also works as a disinfectant.




''Why waste your time with high maintenance lawn, time to change. Artificial grass looks great all year round, doesn't need mowing, watering and feeding''

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